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Your Teotihuacán Experience: Personalize with Unforgettable Add-ons

You can personalize your experience with special extras, such as a birthday banner on your balloon flight or a romantic marriage proposal in the clouds, or include photographs of your visit. Discover all the additional details that you can add to your reservation.

Free of charge:

Birthday cake

To make your celebration special, we would love to give you a sweet gift. If you or someone in your group is commemorating a birthday or anniversary during our adventure, please let us know. We are happy to offer a complimentary individual cake to make the day even more memorable, at no additional cost.

Congratulations Canvas (only on balloon flights)

Elevate your hot air balloon experience to new heights with a truly unforgettable moment.

Are you thinking about proposing in the clouds? Do you want to ask the big question, "Will you marry me?" or "Do you want to be my partner?", while the world unfolds majestically beneath your feet? There is no more romantic setting than the serenity of heaven to elicit an excited "Yes!"

And if it's your birthday or that of a loved one, we'll add special touches to celebrate big:

  • Generic "Happy Birthday" banner in the basket and during the flight.

  • A generic canvas "Will you marry me?" or "Do you want to be my [boyfriend/girlfriend]?" to ask that question in a spectacular way.

  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers to seal the gesture.

Every detail is designed to make your balloon adventure an eternal memory, essential prior reservation

If you want a personalized canvas, it has an additional cost and must be notified a week in advance.


With cost:

Special Marriage Proposal

Do you dream of asking the big question in a magical and original setting? Imagine a mystical environment, illuminated only by the soft light of candles, where the silence and beauty of nature surround you.

We offer you the opportunity to propose marriage inside a cave, a place that, due to its intimacy and natural charm, becomes the perfect setting for such a special moment.

Our package includes:

  • A romantic atmosphere created by the delicate candle decoration.

  • A heart made up of rose petals, symbolizing love and passion.

  • This experience takes place during the cave visit, adding a surprise and deeply personal element to your adventure.

Additional cost: $800 MXN per couple or group

Make your proposal as unique as your love story.

Photos with a professional photographer.

Immortalize your visit to Teotihuacán with our professional photography packages. We offer two exciting options to capture every magical moment of your adventure at this unique archaeological site.

Option 1: Digital Photographs - For $900 MXN per group, our professional photographers will capture your walk along the impressive Calzada de los Muertos and the majestic pyramids. These images, full of history and beauty, will be delivered to you conveniently through Google Drive. Plus, if you include a balloon flight in your experience, you'll have the opportunity to get memorable photos in the basket just before takeoff.

Option 2: VideoDron + photographs: Exclusive for those who choose the balloon flight experience, for $1,500 MXN a drone will follow you (depending on the weather) to capture spectacular aerial views of your adventure. This package adds a cinematic dimension to your memories, showcasing the grandeur of Teotihuacan from the sky, plus professional photography throughout the rest of the tour.


Remember, in addition to these options, our guides often take candid photos during the tour at no cost, which will be sent to you by message. Although this is an extra detail and not guaranteed, it is a sweet surprise that could await you on your trip.



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