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Teotihuacán in film

Learn more about films and documentaries filmed in Teotihuacán

Fragment of the film ‘Excursion to the pyramids of San Juan Teotihuacán’, filmed in 1928 by Vicente Cortés Sotelo in 35mm.

Fragment of our Live Archive with images of the film "Excursion to the pyramids of San Juan Teotihuacán", made between 1930 and 1932 by Vicente Cortés Sotelo in 35mm.


Did you know that part of the movie #Frida with Salma Hayek was filmed in # Teotihuacán?

Gitana tenías que ser

Did you know That part of the movie "Gitana had to be" with Pedro Infante was recorded inside the Archaeological Site.

Vera cruz

Cowboys movie set in the 19th century, two gunmen take care of Maximiliano de Habsburg's Gold from the Juarista troops, among the locations Teotihuacán and the Molino de las Flores (Texcoco)

The other Conquest

This film is the other side of what Mexicans know about evangelization at the time of the conquest, it shows the brutality with which our ancestors were forced to convert to religion.

Much of the film was filmed in the former Acolman Convent.

The Queen of the South

Some chapters as well as the intro of La Reina del Sul were recorded at the Ex Hacienda de San Miguel Ometusco

Night Experience

The sound and light show in the archaeological zone



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