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Teotihuacan by bike obtains the Safe Travel safety seal from the WTTC

Teotihuacán by bike, a leading company in the sustainable tourism sector in the Teotihuacán Valley, carries the "Safe Travels" security seal created by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC for its acronym in English), for adopting international protocols in high hygiene and sanitary safety standards in the realization of your tourist experiences.

This seal has the backing of the World Tourism Organization and includes protocols developed in conjunction with the World Health Organization, as well as more than 200 CEOs of the main business groups in the sector around the world.

Its main objective is to provide confidence to users that companies and destinations strictly follow the health protocols endorsed by internationally recognized health authorities in the matter, and thus promote the safe reactivation of tourism activity.

"We are very proud to have obtained this important seal. This confirms us as the Socially Responsible Company that we are a reflection of the efforts we make daily to provide security to all our collaborators, business partners and visitors. Our main objective is to continue offering a service of excellence and with this important seal, we reinforce our commitment to our community to encourage national and international tourism, providing certainty regarding health and safety protocols.. " Jorge Caballero - staff

Redesigning the visitor experience

Hospitality, not hospitals

One of the main psychological factors of people leaving during the pandemic is escapismThey will want to escape the stress and pressure of the real world, which right now, everywhere on this planet, is centered around the pandemic.

We are working on the design of the client's tourist experience, also known as trip mapping without losing sight of the essence of the trip.

We work on how to signal that it is a safe and clean environment without triggering people's fears, we want people not to feel the need for constant disinfection messages, creating a sense of discovery and immersion that allows them to forget about the outside world and escape for a few hours to relax, have fun and let the visitor forget that we are wearing a mask.



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